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Know Colombia and the region where our coffee comes from

Know Colombia and the region where our coffee comes from



Colombia is a country located in South America, it limits with the Caribbean Sea in the north, with Panama in the northwest, with Ecuador and Peru in the south, the east limit is with Venezuela, the southeast limit is with Brazil, and the west limit is the Pacific Ocean. It comprises 32 states/regions and the Capital is Bogota D.C., the country's largest city.

It is characterized by being a diverse country, with multiple species of fauna and flora. It also has different climates depending on the region. Colombia is one of the world's 17 megadiverse countries and has the second-highest level of biodiversity in the world. As for plants, the country has between 40,000 and 45,000 plant species, equivalent to 20% of total global species. Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world, lagging only after Brazil which is approximately 7 times bigger. Its territory includes the Amazon rainforest, highlands, grasslands, and deserts, and it is the only country in South America with coastlines and islands along the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.


The Region Of Colombia Where Our Coffee Comes From



The Department of Antioquia is one of the 32 departments of Colombia and the capital is Medellin, it is located in the central northwestern part of Colombia with a narrow section that borders the Caribbean Sea. Most of its territory is mountainous with some valleys, much of which is part of the Andes mountain range. The department covers an area of 63,612 km2 (24,427 miles approx.) and has a population of 6,855,517.  

Antioquia is the country's leading producer of coffee and bananas for export. Coffee is one of the emblematic products of the department, where it is grown on the slopes of the mountains that enjoy a mild climate. Corn, fruits and vegetables are also added to these products of the land.